3 responses to “The Gibson – Part I”

  1. Aaron Aaron says:

    Interesting, they kind of subvert the no-sugar-in-my-rickey-thanks stigma by using sweetened gin. I’ve never had Old Tom, so how much sugar do you think would be in this drink equivalently? Say, half a teaspoon? Do you like yours with or without sugar?

  2. Blair Frodelius Blair Frodelius says:

    What is the source for Apollanaris being the original club soda for a rickey?

  3. Jay Jay says:

    Aaron – The amount of sugar in Old Tom is noticeable but minimal, it’s still a gin not a liqueur. Half an ounce per bottle is recommended by Dave Wondrich. If my maths is right, that’s just 1 ml per 2 oz serving. Honestly though I wouldn’t bother – Old Tom is good here because of its increased botanical depth, rather than any inherent sweetness.

    Blair – I will check with Derek but he’s done a serious amount of research in to the history of the Rickey so I don’t doubt it.

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