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  1. Christian Christian says:

    Cool :-) Very nice Jay! Great work!

  2. Doug Winship Doug Winship says:

    That was a fascinating and illuminating interview, Jay. Well done.
    It is not often (read: Passenger Pigeon rare) that I’ll watch a fifteen minute web video!

  3. Sam Harrigan Sam Harrigan says:

    Wow! What an amazing collection-and the reproductions look fantastic. Great interview, Jay!

  4. blair frodelius blair frodelius says:


    Wasn’t that a bottle of Parfait Amour in the final shot?

    Very informative, and you can really get a feel for the books Greg feels passionate about. It is encouraging to see a publisher willing to take risks and do totally accurate reprints regardless of the cost of production.

    My only criticism would be the the background music was intrusive at times. Music definitely helps keep the show from just being a “talking head”, but I think some less frenetic music might make for a more relaxed experience for the viewer.

    Again, a great show and I look forward to the next podcast!



  5. Victor Victor says:

    @ Blair:

    I think it was one of the extinct Forbidden Fruit-liqueurs that Ted Haigh speaks about. Correct me somebody if I’m wrong.


  6. Victor Victor says:


  7. JohnTheBastard JohnTheBastard says:

    Whoa, you’re serious about content delivery. Streaming 140 MB videos is some bandwidth.

    Also, that was a great interview. I hope I make it out to NY to see Greg’s collection some day.

  8. Tom Mc Tom Mc says:

    Great Interview. I love their books.

  9. Helmut Helmut says:

    Excellent job, Jay! Love it!

  10. Goncalo Goncalo says:

    Simply another fantastic ohGoshTv episode

  11. Jay Jay says:

    Thanks for the feedback everybody – glad you are all enjoying the episodes!

    Blair & Victor – Victor is correct, it is an old, almost full (which is quite rare) bottle of Forbidden Fruit, an old cocktail ingredient that is no longer produced. I tried some at Tales last year and it is very different to anything else around. There are attempts being made at recreating it, though I don’t think we will see it released for a while yet.

    Blair – There needs to be music there as it just sounds really plain with just speech. I agree though that it can be a little intrusive, unfortunately it’s really hard (and time consuming) to get decent music that I can use legally on the videos. Will definitely keep your comment in mind for future episodes though.

    John – It’s surprisingly easy and cheap thanks to Amazon’s S3 and Cloudfront services.

  12. Bruce Tomlinson Bruce Tomlinson says:


    This grabbed my attention and held it. Thank you Jay for adding a face and voice to the man that is bring back to the cocktail masses reproductions of some of the great historical books on alcohol beverages.

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  14. Fry Guy Fry Guy says:

    I think this is very interesting and would like to watch the whole thing, but I have to agree with Blair’s comment: The music is seriously annoying.
    So annoying I must on…..

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  16. b0bg b0bg says:

    As a thrilled owner of the full set of Mud Puddle’s cocktail books, I must say I’m excited to see the next batch. These are quality reproductions. Some of the original versions of these books cannot be had for love or money by the vast majority of people. Its a shame, because they really are a treasure of information.

    When the next batch of books become available you can be assured I will be purchasing this set as well, even if (as with the last batch) I already have one or two.

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  19. Lewis Lewis says:

    Dude 0.o you must’ve been in NYC literally the same week as me. Wish I’d known, would’ve asked to take you to some of my fave bars (Please Don’t Tell, and Jazz Standard? Hell yes :P )!

    Anyways :S wow, this guy’s collection puts the British Library to shame. I’ve got to check them out. Just hope they can do reprints etc for us Brits :)

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