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  1. Hidetsugu Ueno » Cocktail adventures at Oh Gosh! says:

    [...] Click here to view this epsiode [...]

  2. Jigger Jigger says:

    Great Video, I love the japanese way of bartending. It’s straight and complex at the same time.

  3. Auguste Rencontres Auguste Rencontres says:

    This guy is wicked, I love the video! Japan bars, here I come!

  4. Japanese Bartending @ Tales « A Jigger of Blog says:

    [...] Bartending @ Tales Jay Hepburn of Oh, Gosh! has an incredible hour-long video of Japanese bartender Hidetugu Ueno, proprietor of High Five in [...]

  5. Vodka & Co. | Alcool News #15 says:

    [...] • Tales of the Cocktail wraps up in New Orleans > USA Today • Arrestation du voleur présumé de plus 500 bouteilles de grands crus > AFP • Grey Goose Vodka’s Flavors of Summer > Luxist • OIV : de nouvelles règles pour les concours > Vitisphere • Bacardi’s on fire! > Notorious Beam Team • Japanese Bartending with Hidetsugu Ueno > Oh Gosh ! [...]

  6. blair frodelius blair frodelius says:


    Very informative presentation. I can totally relate to the idea of making cocktails with the mindset of a tea ceremony (sado). My daughter has taught tea ceremony and a lot of the aspects are similar. I would love to see more bars encourage their mixologists to craft the cocktail with respect and attention to detail. Unfortunately, when you’ve got a busy night, things like that tend to go out the door in favor of cranking out product.

    In any case, what I came away with, is that ice is not only an important part of making drinks, but that other than correct ratios of ingredients, ice is probably more important tan most of us realized.



  7. Jim Amoureuse Jim Amoureuse says:

    Thanks for sharing that video. Ive been interested in cocktails since i was teenager . I worked as bartender few years , learned lots of cocktail recipes. Its a passion , way of life :) I suggest you to watch the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise , it would grab you and make you wanna learn to be part of that.

  8. Adam Adam says:

    Looking for the iPod version… when is it going to be out?

  9. Jay Jay says:

    Adam – Apologies had uploaded the iPod version but hadn’t added the link to the post. The iPod version of this episode should now show up in iTunes as normal (though it’ll probably be below some more recent episodes).

  10. DaRiv18 DaRiv18 says:

    Extremely interesting video! I found it interesting how he audits the cocktails before they are iced, so that he can still adjust it. I linked to this site while discussing that issue here:


  11. Workshop in Wien: „Bar im Jahr 2020″ « Sprechblase says:

    [...] Future of Hosting“ – „Die Zukunft des Gastgebens“ – Hidetsugu Ueno, Bartender der Meisterklasse aus Japan extra für diesen Workshop eingeflogen: Analyse des [...]

  12. Making ice balls with the Drinksology Ice Ball Maker » Cocktail adventures at Oh Gosh! says:

    [...] and before long the subject of ice will come up. Double frozen cubes, cracked ice, crushed ice, ice carving, clear ice – we could literally go on for hours. One of the holy grails in ice is the [...]

  13. The Pegu Blog says:

    [...] can do some learning on the subject. Also, let me point you to Oh Gosh.tv for this fabulous video Japanese Bartending sensei, Hidetsugo Ueno. Recording this sort of thing is why all us other booze-bloggers just turn green at the sound of [...]

  14. BARSmarts LIVE, Seattle 2010 (1) « Stirred, Not Shaken says:

    [...] cocktails from the Left Coast Libations, Ueno San, named in honor of the Japanese master bartender Hidetsugu Ueno, famous for, among other skills, his hand-carved ice balls. Andrew of course serves the Ueno San [...]

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