4 responses to “Heaven’s Dog – Part I”

  1. Heaven’s Dog – Part I » Cocktail adventures at Oh Gosh! says:

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  2. Ken Ken says:

    Heaven’s Dog is in the same building where I live. Yes, I’m quite fortunate in that regard. :-) I’ve not had that particular cocktail, but I’ve enjoyed several other of her creations. The entire bar staff is incredibly talented and creative. The cocktails on the menu are excellent, but I almost always go with the Freedom From Choice. I’ve been introduced to many fine drinks as a result. Oh, the food’s good too!

  3. The Fleetstreet Cocktail by Jackie Patterson | The Bitter Truth says:

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  4. The Fleet Street Cocktail says:

    [...] Recipe created by Jackie Patterson at Heaven’s Door in San Francisco (sourced from Jay’s Oh Gosh [...]

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